A giant-sized brick of reality

We’re in a time of great changes, and I often wonder, as many of us are these days in late 2009, what the future will hold for us. Yesterday, I saw an article about the DOW hitting 10,000 but not really worth “10,000” in realistic terms when you take into account what the US Dollar was worth before the fall of 2008. Those market crashes back in August-September 2008 were predicted vaguely by Gerald Celente (who’d been saying for years that a crash was coming but never got the year right and couldn’t say when). Another article that I read yesterday was on the ABC News (Australian “ABC”) site, calling the US Dollar the “funny money currency of the world”. How very appropriate, because that’s exactly what the US Dollar has become, though the truth of it’s failure and the horrendous fraud by the international bankers and the USA’s governing class hasn’t yet sunk in for a lot of people. There’s a lot of panic and denial going on, but the reality is like a huge mountain-sized brick about to come down and knock some sense into those idiots who still refuse to admit that there’s been an enormous fraud behind all this going back close to a century (or more?). There’s a Darwinian form of karma in this; the idiots most in denial are refusing to see that huge mountain falling, not even admitting that they have to shout to be heard over the roaring sound as it thunders down through the air to whack them.

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