Mortal Gods walk this world

It has been years since I regularly posted on this blog, and in the past 9 years I have been forced by experiences to change my point of view on a great many subjects. I’ve been forced to confront the existence of supernatural realities and beings which don’t fit any of the assumptions that are common in the books which I read. This isn’t due to drug induced hallucinations about animal-headed beings in other worlds. This isn’t due to reading books by Graham Hancock. This isn’t due to any of the “New Age” books that my parents were into either. I’ve flirted with secret societies, been on the fringe of strange secrets and weird scientific discoveries that don’t fit the established story. I already understood that our commonly taught “History” is mostly half-truths, total fabrications, and quack-ademic evidence-defying claims.

I’m going to tell my few readers a story. It’s real. What I saw was real, and it’s taken me a couple of decades to come to grips with. This happened in Sydney, Australia, at a place called Darling Harbour. One night I came across a peculiar situation. There were two young-ish men, and they were seated at a table having a cheerful discussion about a game they were playing. Not an electronic game, or one on a table played with dice. This game was more disturbing for what it implied.

One of the men, let’s call him the Dark One, wore only black clothing. His skin was very fair, and he appeared sort of Asian but I couldn’t recognise his ethnicity. His friend I’ll call the Light One. The Light One wore more colourful clothing, he was taller and larger, had something Celtic in his facial features but also East European, I guessed. The Light One had a distinct widow’s peak hairline, like the Master of the original Doctor Who series. Both men spoke extraordinarily fast, their conversation was a mish-mash of mostly English but included words from other languages to such an extent that at times their conversation was very difficult to follow. Besides, as I mentioned, they spoke fast, as if their minds worked far faster as well.

Another peculiarity of their appearance that struck me was their eye colour. I’m sure their eyes changed colour, and sometimes the Light One’s eyes seemed to glow, while the Dark One’s eyes would turn to such blackness they terrified me. Both men ignored me, as I was a few tables away in the mostly empty area, while I stuck to eating a hamburger while drinking a lemon squash, pretending not to overhear their conversation. They didn’t speak loud though. Sometimes they whispered.

There was an “energy” about these two men as well. Nothing visible to the eye, but felt. The feeling of great power and strength. Occasionally, one of them would suddenly move so fast that their limbs weren’t just a blur, they flickered. They casually did mundane things with a very non-mundane manner level of agility. Such as making a tower of coins, edge on, in just a few seconds – as the Light One did at one time during their conversation.

Their conversation was odd, disconnected, as if half of what was said wasn’t verbalised, but communicated in some other way without any voiced words. As if their minds were linked, and they didn’t always need to speak aloud their thoughts. The snippets I overheard (and can recall now) included mention of wars and chaos and disease decades later as if they “knew” the future as well as you and I could read a book. I should have taken notes. The Dark One seemed to have connections with the illegal drug trade, and hinted of deadly dealings and his involvement in a shadowy conspiracy. The Light One apparently was supposed to start a cult later, it was his “mission” that some other “someones” had asked him to do. This required that he would be travelling to Japan. The Dark One would be staying in Australia. From what I overheard, the Light One had started a cult before, a long time ago. Also, from what I overheard, neither of these men met often, but rather many years apart.

The two strange men spoke of someone in France who they simply called the “French guy” who was expected to be a troublesome messianic figure in the future. The Dark One said the “French guy” was going to be a “warmonger”, asked the light One if the “French guy” knew that the Light One would be going to Japan. The Light One replied that the “French guy” probably only knew he was in Australia, he’d have to hide where he was later on. Their conversation gave me the impression that the “French guy” and the “Light One” were pre-destined enemies, yet brothers in some way.

As I watched and pretended not to be watching, a young couple wandered into the area. A man and woman in their early 20s, the lady was nicely attractive, the man was bit rough and thuggish. The couple caught the attention of the two young-ish men that I had been watching. That’s when the disturbing game began.

“How about them? Do the usual?”, the Dark One asked.

“Feels a bit mean, but sure, and let’s fix things for them afterwards in compensation”, the Light One responded.

“Okay, I’ll start…”, the Dark One said. He glanced at the couple.

In seconds, the man and woman were arguing. A few seconds more, and they looked ready to kill each other, the woman started storming off while the man was shouting at her.

“Alright, my turn”, the Light One said. He smiled.

The young couple turned in seconds to making up, kissing, passionate. The young woman behaved as if she was suddenly horny as well. You’d think that Valentine’s Day was here and they’d been swapping chocolates and flowers.

The Dark One laughed, “Back to me then”.

Suddenly the couple were shouting and arguing again. The man looked ropeable. He pulled at the woman’s blouse, as she turned away from him with a tirade of insults.

“My turn”, the Light One said.

The couple went back to being lovey-dovey and sweet acting again. In mere moments, all apologetic and promising never to be like that again.

“Let’s turn it up”, the Dark One said.

“Sure, I’ll make her horny enough to jump him, then you get them pissed enough to kill each other. Let’s push it”, the Light One said.

And so it went, back and forth. I don’t know what must have been going through the young couple’s minds but they must have been confused by their own behaviour by the end of this ‘game’. The Dark One and the Light One played like this for at least fifteen, maybe twenty minutes. It was clear to me that both of these strange men were able to switch human emotions and mind-control people with about as little effort as if taking sips from a cup of coffee.

I began fervently hoping that these two strangers, who clearly weren’t really human, wouldn’t pay any attention to me. I was too scared to get up and move away just in case they noticed, but at the same time I was terrified what would happen by staying. Finally, the two peculiar beings who looked human but obviously weren’t, leaned back and smiled at each other.

“That cheered me up”, the Dark One said.

“They were cute”, the Light One replied, adding “What to compensate them with? I’ve decided to make her permanently horny and panty-free as his ever loving….”

“But she’s wearing jeans now”, the Dark One commented.

“She won’t be soon”, the Light One told him, “So, what else should we do?”

“The guy needs a better paying job, and he’s too skinny”, the Dark One said.

“Okey-dokey, I’ll give the fate change for the job, you work on his hormones and give some muscle”, the Light One said.

“Done, he’ll start getting beefed up in a week’s time”, the Dark One said.

“Hey, it’s already getting to her… what I did before”, the Light One told him.

Both of them turned to look the same way towards the young couple that were walking off. The girl was looking very embarrassed as she took off her jeans and panties. Right there in public with at least a dozen people wandering by. Her boyfriend was definitely confused by this, because she kept saying that she couldn’t help it.

“Man, you’re good at that!”, the Dark One said, “Anyway, could you keep her always like that? She looks cute.”

“Ha, that would be too mean… but yeah, I could…”

The two men stood up, and started walking away from their table. I breathed a sigh of relief, and moved back my chair. The sound of the scraping metal on concrete got their attention though. The Light One glanced back at me, his eyes seemed to see into my soul.

“Don’t worry about us, we’re not really human, we just look as if we are”, the Light One said to me in a quiet voice that somehow was too clear, “Ciao.”

The Dark One chuckled, somehow more scary than anything I’d ever heard before.

Then they were both gone. I didn’t see where they went. It was as if they’d turned a corner in the empty air, and stepped away into nothing. I didn’t know what to think about this entire experience back then. I believe that I was in too much shock. Maybe I wanted to pretend that none of it happened, though I know it did. What were they? It took me a looooooong time to understand what I was seeing and what it reminded me off. Gods having fun with human lives, like those of Greek and Roman myth. Only instead of playing over a table on Olympus, these were two such beings walking around amongst regular humanity with hardly anyone noticing.

15 Responses to Mortal Gods walk this world

  1. Ismail Riley says:

    I would have been brave and pressed them for information and teaching

  2. Ismail Riley says:

    Any ideas on where/how I can become omniscient ?

  3. Ismail Riley says:

    What do you think they were? It’s heavily implied they aren’t human so what then? EDs? ETs ?

    • tuxedopenguin says:

      Gods? Or maybe one was an Angel and the other a Devil? Or aliens with mind-control powers? Super psychics? I’m leaning towards ancient gods in a modern form. Maybe I should have just asked them at the time.

      • Ismail Riley says:

        At least nothing bad happened to you.. because like you said they could have decided to play games on you instead but I feel like if you asked them they maybe would have given a good honest answer to you without harming you but you never know

      • tuxedopenguin says:

        Good point. Maybe they would have – perhaps, being beyond the power of little me to harm them, they may have just answered honestly because they’re not threatened either way. Now, I wonder what they would have said….

    • tuxedopenguin says:

      I’m always bothered that these “repressed memories” that people come up with could just be wish fulfilment and the result of leading by the psychiatrists.

      • invoker12 says:

        When I heard it IT sounded like a real memory that the astrologer Diana Garland experienced

  4. onlytheghosts says:

    “Mortal Gods walk this world” ~ Yes they do. Christianity and most of the other major religions commonplace nowadays have NOT got a decent handle on what a “god” is, versus spirits, near-god like powers, superhuman heroes, ghosts, demonic entities, all the way up and down the levels of power and ability. The monotheistic religions were created by philosophers, not shaman or others that could actually have a chat with such beings regularly. The Christians and Jews refuse even to talk politely about it, instead insulting everyone with assertions that these other beings are all demons, etc. They’re too narrow minded, so much narrow minded that they don’t even read their own holy book for themselves, but would rather accept whatever interpretation or spin their “priests” put there. For example, Paul was never an “apostle”, he wasn’t even born back at the time of Jesus supposedly being around. Yet, Paul’s writing takes up a THIRD of the New Testament! Way more than any of the other apostles who were around when Jesus was supposed to have lived. In their scriptures, they contradict themselves all over the place; God made you perfect – with a FLESH body, by the way – and yet we’re also told FLESH IS EVIL, etc.. Jesus’ marriage is described, he’s referred to as THE GROOM at the wedding, yet Christians are told to ignore that bit and pretend he never married, even though he was also a Rabbi and RABBIS MUST MARRY. Islam has issues too, like Mohammed changing the sacred pilgrimage destination from Jerusalem to Mecca, and other contradictory changes that show the guy was making decisions based on political expedience. The Mormons started with polygyny, it’s a critical commandment for God delivered by Joseph Smith – but then Brigham Young came along and abandoned this critical commandment for political expedience. All of the major religions went quickly off the rails away from what’s true within a few years to a generation after they were founded; yet are supposed to be accept as the Holy Truth despite none of them sticking firmly to whatever they claimed originally to be the Holy Truth.

  5. Ismail Riley says:

    Can you watch Juni Taisen Zodiac war and tell me what do you think of the ending in relation to this experience you had

    The ending “They bet countries” made me think of Dark and Light discussing wars and such

    And the end boss seems omniscient but it’s only implied

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