Do we have a real prophet in our midst?!

October 20, 2009

There have been proven psychic predictions that scored right. Jeanne Dixon predicted JFK’s win and assassination. Her prediction was public in 1956, years before it came true. She’s also on record predicting Richard Nixon’s election.

GA Freiman predicted the rampage of two serial killers in the USA and their M.O. He’s also made several other successful public predictions.

These are examples of prophecies which came out true, and it’s not against physics for it to happen either. Have a look at quantum physics, where causality gets weird and time gets entangled.

I first read about
John Croino
a couple of years ago, not sure exactly when, but was impressed by how close to the truth his predictions were even then. I wasn’t expecting perfect dates, after all even Nostradamus didn’t give any dates for nearly all of his prophecies and none of those in the Bible give any dates.

John Croino is an elusive “prophet” in Asia who (like G.A. Freiman) is very secretive and avoids the media. Most of his predictions have come to pass in what they describe, but he sometimes misses the date by a few months or a year. He predicted the 9/11 attacks two years before they happened. He correctly predicted the 1997 Asian Stockmarket and financial crisis about 11 years before it happened. He also predicted the huge riots in Sydney in 2005, and the recent revolts in western China.

(from John Croino – “Increasing Civil Unrest in Southern China (2008 to 2010)” – which we have already witnessed in the form of ethnic violence erupting in a Tibetan region of southwestern China.

His predictions go onward into the far future, but by his track record he could be extremely close to telling future history, not just making good guesses. Surprising how accurate this man’s predictions are! The details are often stunningly close. There are too many predictions to post everything here in this blog, but I’ll include some of them.

Back in 1990, John Croino made the following prediction;

Major climate chaos and dramatic seismic activity (2003-2007, then it really takes off)
The years from 2003 onward are going to be increasingly active with chaotic weather disasters, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions. Many will trace this from 2001, but it’s from 2003 that it’s most obvious. 2005 is a particularly bad year for this, getting worse and worse until people expect terrible things to be a monthly occurrence, but then 2006 will the quiet before the storm when the world will seem to wait in expectation. Very little will happen in 2006, no major wars start, and just the preliminaries for the storm to come.

Then from mid-2007, the shock of events and disasters will increase month by month, worse storms, more violent seismic activity, bizarre and terrifying ominous events that seem to foretell of some great change brewing. Most people will not truly realise even a hint of how bad it will become until late 2008. Every year from 2007 until 2014, will be increasingly nightmarish, with the peak period being 2012-2014. Prepare access to clean water, stockpile food which can last. In some regions it will be advisable to stockpile at least filter-masks and goggles due to volcanic ash falls from some huge volcanic eruptions. If you live in Tokyo, move to the west and away from the sea. Avoid Mount Fuji. Fishermen will soon find summer fish during the winter in Tokyo bay. The same advice is good if you live in the Southern hemisphere, but Australia will have other problems besides being angry at New Zealand for things that New Zealanders have no control over. The sky will be dark in those places for long enough to truly frighten people and damage crop yields
– John Croino

Anyone recognize these descriptions? It’s been really happening. Earthquakes, worse storms, tsunami, we’re living through this now.

“It’s definitely getting worse. The earthquake sequence began in 2000 with a 7.9 about 800 km away from the south of Singapore. You haven’t felt this big of a sequence of earthquakes (that is many large earthquakes) for at least 175 years.”
– Professor Kerry Sieh, professor of Geology, Earth Observatory of Singapore, NTU

Check the rate of earthquakes increasing here and how the USGS has been trying to mispresent this. In 2001, there were 137 earthquakes of magnitude 6 or higher. In 2007, there were 190. The trend has been an overall increase.

Back in 1997, John Croino made another startlingly accurate prophecy;

Economic Crisis (2008)

….in 2008 the problems with the USA’s economy and the US Dollar reach the cliff. There will be many important high level meetings in governments around the world, but the most important will not be in Europe or the USA, but will be in China and Japan. Secret discussions behind closed doors, rumoured meetings with Russian government representatives. Nations worldwide have turned hostile to the USA’s corruption and bullying. In March 2008, an important decision is made in the Japanese and Chinese governments. 2 weeks later there are discussions and secret meetings with finance corporations in Asia, as the Asian governments decide how to protect their economies. There will be a quietness in the markets, a combination of fear of the coming storm of chaos, and worries as to what the governments will decide. The employment situation will become depressing, new jobs failing to appear as companies worry about their likely need to lay-off staff in the next few months anyway.
Then in June-July 2008, the markets will seem to go crazy to with chaotic rises and falls, mad speculation and panic. For a short time, it might appear that the US Dollar will maintain it’s hegemony as the international currency of choice, but from August onward, the US Dollar’s real value drops steadily and rapidly, dragging down all currencies that are dependent on it
A new “Great Depression” will become obvious to even the most common of people in the industrialised nations

– John Croino

Are you surprised? That was back in 1997. In 2002, John Croino made the following prophecy;

US Dollar depreciation and abandonment (December 2009 to July 2010) US$ 滅亡
Rumours of Asian nations divesting themselves of the US Dollar (and their investments in the USA) turn into a reality triggering a currency crisis during the last 3 weeks of December 2009, another market crash, and international crisis on the futures exchange markets. China and some other nations, including Japan, speed up their secretive dumping of US Dollar currency reserves. Many Asian corporations are behind the majority of this currency dumping; it is beyond the reach of secretive political deal-making and diplomatic pressure by the USA to influence or prevent. This has already started, but becomes publicly noticeable in late December 2009. The effect on airlines will be troublesome to those planning to travel to the USA during that time.
The collapse of the US Dollar will proceed faster than governments and financial institutions are able to plan for, or react to. The “official” valuation with respect to other currencies will not reflect the real value in trade contracts; although dismally low and continuing to drop rapidly, it will still be rated falsely higher in official ratings by comparison. To repay their loans, the USA government and finance corporations will be forced to draw upon their reserves of foreign currencies. The US Dollar will very soon no longer be acceptable in trade anywhere outside the USA.

– John Croino

See this one coming? At the time that John Croino made his prediction, I don’t know of anyone else who had a clue that this was coming this year. Now, it looks like it’s already starting in the early stages.

We could be looking at this result before the end of 2010

– Tuxedo Penguin

A giant-sized brick of reality

October 15, 2009

We’re in a time of great changes, and I often wonder, as many of us are these days in late 2009, what the future will hold for us. Yesterday, I saw an article about the DOW hitting 10,000 but not really worth “10,000” in realistic terms when you take into account what the US Dollar was worth before the fall of 2008. Those market crashes back in August-September 2008 were predicted vaguely by Gerald Celente (who’d been saying for years that a crash was coming but never got the year right and couldn’t say when). Another article that I read yesterday was on the ABC News (Australian “ABC”) site, calling the US Dollar the “funny money currency of the world”. How very appropriate, because that’s exactly what the US Dollar has become, though the truth of it’s failure and the horrendous fraud by the international bankers and the USA’s governing class hasn’t yet sunk in for a lot of people. There’s a lot of panic and denial going on, but the reality is like a huge mountain-sized brick about to come down and knock some sense into those idiots who still refuse to admit that there’s been an enormous fraud behind all this going back close to a century (or more?). There’s a Darwinian form of karma in this; the idiots most in denial are refusing to see that huge mountain falling, not even admitting that they have to shout to be heard over the roaring sound as it thunders down through the air to whack them.

Japanese Uranai, doom, gloom, and sixties-style cults

March 31, 2007


I was surprised when one of my friends in Japan mentioned this dramatic increase in the Japanese interest in Uranai ( 占い ) or fortunetellers. There are Japanese fortunetellers on television like Hosoki Kazuko (細木 数子 ). Foreign psychics have been turning up in Japan, such as John Croino (there’s a webpage devoted to his predictions here

    but it doesn’t include all of them unfortunately 😦

). He’s supposed to be unusual in some ways not quite human, but is reputedly very accurate. Doom and gloom predictions are making a big comeback. Psychics are often on Japanese TV, and have a huge media presence.

Despite the image of Japan presented in the American media, with the mix of ancient traditions mixed with ultra high technology, the Japanese have long been very pragmatic and cynical people. In my experience, most Japanese were even more sceptical about the spiritual, ghosts, and the supernatural, than the typical Westerner. After the big scare with the Aum Shinrikyo cult and it’s nerve gas attack on the Tokyo subways, most Japanese began avoiding cults and anything that was even slightly cult-like. “New Age” gurus and hippie spiritualism never got a real foothold – until very, very recently. Suddenly the Japanese have started to question their overwhelmingly materialistic society and the cynical attitude that getting rich and getting the latest gizmo consumer goods and staying in fashion is the ultimate goal to strive for. People are looking around for something more, and spooky stories, tales of hauntings, and psychics on TV are now the big interest. I’ve seen a resurgence of this interest especially in the past three years.

Personally, I believe that Japan is going through their own version of the American 1960s. Just look around at the super-short mini-skirts, and the recent fashion for teeny-tiny hotpants.


The doom and gloom is there too, and Christian missionaries have been flocking to Japan in larger numbers, sent by their various churches (in the USA in particular) to take advantage of the times.

– Tuxedo Penguin