Looking for the Aquarian Messiah

October 25, 2009

EndTimeProphetMaybe what I write here is partly wrong, I doubt very much that it’s entirely wrong since I’ve researched the subject of the Aquarian Messiah or Aquarian “Great Prophet” on and off for years. Some of those who know me personally in real life would possibly be surprised at my conclusions, but also know that there’s a great deal of supporting evidence behind them. It’s my belief that what I’m writing here is very close to the truth, and could give many people some useful clues for what to look for in the future.

The position that I take in the writing of this is that all religions have a single source (God/Allah/Buddha), and therefore it would be misguided and narrow-minded to accept only one religious sect’s interpretation, but better to accept a wider and more embracing view of the role of prophets/messiahs/saviours/enlightened ones. Mostly this article is written with the terminology of those religious branches that come from the Abrahamic Judeo-Christian-Islamic tradition, but the subject is more global because the same cyclic patterns apear worldwide.

The Earth’s magnetic frequency has been rising for a while. It used to be 7.83hz (for the primary Schuman Resonance) but it’s getting higher (around 11hz) and nobody knows why. The Schumann frequencies shift over time, and go up and down in cycles, yet right now, they are higher than ever measured before. At the same time the strength of the Earth’s electromagnetic field is getting weaker. At the same time as this is happening, our Solar system is passing through the galactic plane of the Milky Way galaxy as we follow the cycle of procession. It seems clear that there’s a connection between these events.

It’s also already been long accepted by science that electromagnetic fields affect human behaviour and sleep patterns, and astrology has been supported in at least some ways by statistical studies such as the Mars Effect. CSICOP tried to debunk the scientific evidence that has been found to support astrology and instead corroborated it, though they’ve tried to spin, cover-up, and use personal attacks about it ever since. Theories abound as to why the statistical studies show that there is a clear effect, none of which can really explain it, but it’s still there. It’s a case of science not being able to explain something that we already have evidence of, and some highly irrational sceptics illogically claiming that just because the evidence can’t be explained by any scientific theory – yet – that the evidence is going to go “poof” and disappear, so we should just ignore it.

It’s also long been known and supported with scientific evidence that Local Sidereal Time has a connection with both radio interference and a proven influence on paranormal statistical testing. There is definitely more possible psychically than we have scientific theories to explain, but that evidence is not going away either. Changes within the Earth’s electromagnetic field (which is affected by the Sun, and the Sun in turn by the galaxy and other planets) affect our perception of time, sleep patterns, moods, behaviour, and our ability to regulate our immune system.

A certain kind of sceptic is honestly no better than the kind of irrational fanatic who attacks everything that they don’t understand, or simply dislike, despite what logic and evidence would support. They’ll quite often go so far as to dismiss all evidence and go against logic in their fervent dislike of some concepts, people, or things.

There’s an ancient tradition that Prophets are sent by God every seven hundred years, each time to a different region (some refer to seven continents and seven seas) to give the Word yet again because humans are prone to veer from the path, and have an awful bad habit of corrupting God’s Word. Greater Prophets also appear at the end/beginning of Astrological Ages. There are some Christians who are under the misguided impression that there’s no astrological connectiion with the Bible, apparently these people have never read the book itself or know anything about astrology. Astrological symbolism is common in in the Bible.

“There shall be signs in the sun, the moon, and the stars.”
– Luke 21:25

The Bible is filled with astrological symbolism, and Jesus is quoted with numerous references to astrology. It was widely understood in ancient times that important people are supposed to have particular astrological patterns. A pattern repeated with the three Magi who were Persian astrologers or astrologer-kings.

According to historian, Flavius Josephus, the Jewish temple at Jerusalem had the twelve signs of the zodiac inlaid in its floor.

Jesus was the dawn of the Age of Pisces. The sign of the fish always had special significance in Christianity. Jesus recruited “fishermen” as disciples to make them “fishers of men.” He fed the masses with a miraculous draft of fishes. His followers were known in Latin as “pisciculi”, the “little fishes.” A commonly used icon in Christian churches is the “Vesica Piscis”, which is Latin for “mouth of the fish”. Its shape resembles a fish without a tail. It can be seen in the shape of stained glass windows in many churches and cathedrals. The Pope wears a ceremonial hat in the shape of a fish head.

Moses was of the dawn of the Age of the Aries, and the ram was often the common symbol, which Judaism still uses with the sacrifice of goats. Before Moses, it was the Age of Taurus, the bull, and so we have the symbolism of the golden calf being of the old religion which Moses orders destroyed. After this time, the Hebrews celebrated the approach of their Messiah by blowing rams horns. The symbol of the ram and the “lamb of god” concept became popular in many other religions during this age.

Astrological symbolism for the Age of Aquarius also appears in the Bible, with water bearers, water pourers, the pouring of water, for example;

“Go into the city, and there shall meet you a man bearing a pitcher of water: follow him”
– Mark 14:13

Dare we hope that on the verge of the Age of Aquarius that another is about to be revealed? If not already? I doubt that most of us would recognise such a man, or admit what he is. It hurts masculine pride to accept, and Prophets are unfortunately targeted by the rulers and old religions for harassment and execution whenever possible.

Aquarius will be the new age, the new life. First there will be disastrous events, gigantic upheavals, turmoil and change of all kinds….

….The Age of Aquarius is fast approaching, and it is going to overturn and shatter all the old forms and values that human beings thought of as permanent….

– Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov (1900-1986)

According to all the great mystic teachers and seers, the Age of Aquarius starts with a time of immense conflict and turmoil never before witnessed in recorded history.
After reading these predictions, I’m reminded of some particular words in the Bible.

1 Corinthians 12:27-29, 13:2, 14:22, 14:39,

Acts 2:17-18, Romans 12:6,

1 Timothy 4:14

Together, these repeated words from the Bible say that prophets are still needed, and a vital part of God’s way of bringing the Truth and Word. Another way of saying this is that job isn’t yet finished because humans keep getting it all wrong. I dare those who doubt that more prophets are expected and deny that they are a part of Christianity to look up those words and deny that they are there.

The two great prophets (2033)

In 2033, it becomes apparent, and seemingly public knowledge (though it seems strange and still denied by the more conservative and sceptical) that a rumoured messianic “Jesus”-like figure has long been around on Earth and was previously secretly preaching in Europe. Millions will see this person as the messiah, and he will be a great new leader of Christianity. He will say everything that they expect to hear, everything that they believe he should be saying, and though he will publicly make no declaration that their belief about him being a kind of “Jesus” reborn, he will actually encourage this belief in other ways. He will already have great political power in secret, and gain much more afterwards in public. He will become a very public figure, lauded and talked about and worshipped by millions. Everything that he says will seem to be the “right” thing to say and fit with Christianity in most ways….

He will shout many seemingly great truths while telling many things that they expect and which are actually lies, but he will fool millions for that is his task. He is not inherently evil, but is only fulfilling his duty to lead Christians further into their own foolishness, for the world’s humanity needs to be tested to see if they can recognise the real truths.

In North America, this pseudo-“Christ” like figure will have no real political power or major influence, for there are millions of American Christians who have closed themselves off by this time, and are in soul searching to find their way back to more primitive kinder Christianity without huge churches and distracting paraphernalia. There will be enormous resistance by established organisations to this shift, but the majority of people will eventually see through that resistance for the self-serving and delusion that is behind it. Islam in North America will also change, becoming a more harmonious kind, which by century’s end, most people will respect. Unfortunately, in their compromises, the American Islamic organisations will risk losing a lot of their real truths, so they should be very wary of where their leaders take them.

The other great prophet will not be in Europe, yet is both spiritual brother and the exact opposite of the man in France. Both of these great prophets are polar opposites of each other. Both were born in the 1960s. The one which speaks truth will be hidden, the one which speaks lies will be in the open..

– John Croino (writing of 2 Great Prophets that are “revealed” by 2033)

Similar to this description of two Great Prophets, a Great False Prophet openly in Europe, and another Great True Prophet (that John Croino avoids saying where, as if he knows but won’t say), there is an interesting prophecy from Nostradamus, in Century Ten, Quatrain 75

Long awaited he will never return in Europe, he will appear in Asia. One of the league issued from great Hermes, he will grow above all other powers in the Orient.

– Nostradamus

Hermes was a god of wisdom in ancient Greece, who appears as such numerous times in Greek mythology in that role. A quick google search turned up tens of thousands of hits with Hermes identified as a god of wisdom, but more importantly in classical works from ancient times he has long been referred to as a god of wisdom. He was strongly associated with the Egyptian god, “Thoth” (often referred to as the Father of Wisdom in ancient Egypt), which would be very strange if Hermes had not been considered as a god of wisdom in those ancient times. A book I highly reccomend on the subject is “The Gospel of Hermes” in which the author has done an indepth study of Hermes. Hermes was a god of wisdom, magic, and communication. In Judaism, both are considered to be the prophet Enoch (Jewish mystics identify Hermes as the antediluvian prophet Enoch). In other words, the typical image of Hermes/Mercury as a Messenger of the Gods is as a prophet. A Messenger of the Gods or a God, by the way, is also called an Avatar. That’s highly appropriate for a prophet, and Nostradamus was well aware of this, thus it seems that Nostradamus is saying that this will be a very wise and powerful prophet. Jesus was technically European, but this implies that the new Prophet or Messiah appears in Asia, and his religion becomes more powerful than all others in Asia.

Edgar Cayce also made a prediction related to Asia that gives us a clue about this Aquarian Prophet of truth, when he envisioned a future where China would be the:
“the cradle of Christianity as applied in the lives of men.” – but he wasn’t referring to Christianity in the modern or traditional sense as people commonly see it, instead as the true spirit of a higher form of truth because it involves reincarnation, the divine light within, and concepts that can found in near-death experiences.

In the New Testament of the Bible, there are passages from Revelations that appear to refer to a secret prophet or messiah in the coming age, who arrives without any public display;

“Behold, I am coming as a thief. Blessed is he who watches, and keeps his garments, lest he walk naked and they see his shame.”

– Revelations 16:15

What will the Great Prophet of the Aquarian Age be like? Aquarius is a male sign, he will be a trendsetter and an eccentric rebel, a reformer with an idealistic agenda. His astrological link with the higher consciousness will bring us into an age where intelligence and spirituality is uplifted and society can function as a whole. Don’t expect him to follow any status quo, as he will be the ultimate trendsetter, never one to give in to the wrong rules no matter how many centuries or millennia that they have been in existence. Aquarius is very definitely associated with chaos.The air signs are all about yin/yang, the inner fight, the epic battle of good vs. evil. It’s a battle of two different sides, so perhaps it shouldn’t be surprising that two Great Prophets appear at the same time as opposites of each other. But if there are two, then how do we know which is the good one?

A possibly related prophecy from Nostradamus describes what could be an Aquarian Prophet or Aquarian Messiah.

A man will be charged with the destruction of temples and sects, altered by fantasy. He will harm the rocks rather than the living. Ears fill with ornate speeches.

– Nostradamus

This Aquarian Prophet has been sent to attack the old religious hierarchies and their many schismatic sects because their teachings and traditions have drifted too far from the truth and into delusions. He will harm the rocks of traditions rather than calling for bloodshed and murder. His speeches will be very elaborate, he is gifted with a talent in words, perhaps he is a skilled orator.

Perhaps it will be as John Croino’s prediction says, and that there will be two of these Great Prophets.

One will fulfill everything that Christians will “expect”, but he will be a prophet of falsehoods pandering to their egotism and delusions, doing so in a very public way that glorifies himself and attracts attention but says everything that will make people feel good about themselves even as they continue down the wrong path with the mistakes in beliefs and culture that have accumulated over the past two millennia. He’ll rise to importance in France by 2033. He’ll be a powerful political figure and be very “Christ”-like in the way that people fantasize and expect, while at the same time being in reality the new “Anti-Christ”. People will be tricked by his lies, because he’ll tell them what they want to hear, but not what they really need to know.

In the Bible, Jesus is quoted by Matthew (24:4-5) as saying;
“Watch out that no one deceives you. For many will come in my name, claiming, ‘I am the Christ,’ and will deceive many.”

The other will be a prophet of truth, but perhaps because he is born while Neptune is still dominant in the Sign of Aquarius, he will also be a secret prophet (as Neptune is associated in Astrology with secrets and hidden things). Instead of repeating the beliefs of Christianity and the West, his task is to attack the wrong-headed traditions that have become common, rebel against and attack the fantasies that people have become influenced by. Instead of being in Europe, he arises in Asia. Instead of glorifying himself in public, he preaches in secret and avoids publicity, yet the religion which he establishes eventually becomes more powerful than all others in Asia. By 2033, his existence will be commonly recognised, talked about, even though we’ll never see him on TV or in the media spotlight. I suppose in the mainstream media, he’s the sort of person who would be painted as being an “Anti-Christ” because he attacks our conventions and the rules and the status-quo, but the reality is that this guerilla prophet who preaches from hiding is going to be telling us painful truths that we don’t like to hear. I don’t believe the New Agers will like him any more than the Christians will.

– Tuxedo Penguin