Killer plagues and I’m more than a little worried

There are too many of these stories in the news media hyping up about H1N1 “when-pigs-fly” virus (a more fitting name because it’s a mixture of porcine and avian influenza DNA, and has been less lethal than the typical seasonal influenza), th_flyingpigs
the “bird flu” before that, neither of which is anywhere near as deadly as the governments, mainstream media, and pharmaceutical corporations have tried to claim. In Japan, there’s increasing public suspicion that it’s not the H1N1 which has been blamed for killing a dozen children recently, it’s the Tamiflu medicine which has been the real killer because the symptoms fit Tamiflu side-effects. NICE’s own guide, TA158, lists bronchitis as a side-effect of Tamiflu, then a few pages later ignores what they previously admitted. In Britain, there are serious side-effects for children being reported. The Japanese government already previously banned the use of Tamiflu for use with children because of a rash of suicides linked with the drug, but under pressure started allowing the use of Tamiflu again. The Europeans haven’t been experiencing the same deathtoll, fortunately, possibly because they don’t have such a credulous attitude regarding the use of Tamiflu and are more sceptical. Besides, the EU funded testing of other competitor anti-virals and found that among the top five used in Europe, Tamiflu rated the worst for side-effects.

People should be very suspicious of the motivations for all the media scare campaigns about H1N1. Pharmaceutical corporations are in the business to earn profits, they aren’t going to put the consumers actual health any higher priority than their share values, stock options, and money in the bank. Neither will the US FDA, the CDC, or the UN WHO. It serves none of their interests if the drug companies and medical busineses don’t make a profit, and it gives them more funding and political influence when it comes to calling for more funding if they can claim there’s a “horrible nasty epidemic” that we all need rescuing from – duly supported by truckloads of money, of course. There is plentiful reason for suspicion.

You should look up the video documentary “House of Numbers“, it gives a mind-blowing insight into the “AIDS epidemic”, and how conveniently profitable it has been for the drug corporations and quack medical industry. After watching it, I was sickened and angry at all the lies that we’ve been told for the past twenty-something years about HIV and AIDS. Ladies and gentleman, it may shock you –

    but there is no AIDS epidemic and there never was

. All of those tens of thousands of people who have died were in fact killed by the toxic pharmaceuticals that they were given to cure a disease which is so poorly defined that medical authorities in different countries can’t agree on it’s symptoms, can’t prove that it really exists, and have deliberately, intentionally widened the definitions to cover almost any common symptom that you can imagine. The medical corporations and other medical authorities attack dogs are trying to fight back hard against this truth coming out, because as you can easily guess, there’s going to be some huge public backlash and court cases. The payouts for compensation to millions of people would make the tobacco industry scandals look like a storm-in-a-teacup by comparison. The pharmaceutical corporations would be ruined, careers would be destroyed, and right in the middle of the worst economic crisis that we’ve had in decades (at least). There’s a good assortment of articles about the HIV debate here thanks to Sophrosyne Radical who has been following the subject for quite a long time.

There’s another interesting article about “House of Numbers” and the AIDS scandal here.

I don’t know why, or what the connection is, but somehow this goes way beyond just run-of-the-mill high level corruption. I get the feeling that the enormous deathtoll blamed on AIDS in Africa that is more likely from the poisonous non-specific DNA-destroying anti-viral drugs that have been used as “AIDS treatment” in Africa, well, that this policy from on high has a racist motivation behind it. The apartheid era white-ruled South African government was revealed to have funded research into bacteria that would sterilise black African women (In June 1998, South Africa’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission was told by one of the apartheid regime’s scientists, Jan Lourens, of the former regime’s search for a bacterium that would sterilise blacks without affecting whites), but to me it looks very much like that was just the tip of iceberg.

In 2002, John Croino made the following prophetic prediction about events of 2010 and 2012-2014 that sends chills down the spine….
The mobs cry for vengeance, the horror of AIDS is turned on it’s head, revealed as even more terrible, for the true crime against the victims was officially sanctioned mass murder that has killed millions. The CDC and WHO are as heavily implicated as the USA’s pharmaceutical corporations, leading to some belated attempts at media censorship in the USA.
– John Croino

The rest of the prophecy is quite large, but implicates the United Nations agencies, CDC, WHO, and a shadowy cabal of West European-North American-Anglo “elitists” as being behind these policies. As if there is, and has been, since World War II, a longterm plan for genocide. I would never have believed this only ten years ago, but we can all see how dark and evil these people must be with their sneaky lies, propaganda in the service of the wealthiest of the wealthy, and blatant favouritism of their ethnicity and western culture over all others. This secretive ruling class hide their disgusting evil ways in pubic, but they engage in it in every other way in their meetings and control of western government policies.

Perhaps you would dismiss this as merely paranoia, but more recently have you been watching the news from the Ukraine?

So far, I’ve only gone over the media scare campaigns and government/corporate trickery to sell drugs and vaccines for epidemics which don’t exist, however, very real and extremely deadly plagues have swept nations and even the whole world many times in history. We all fear these plagues, that there will be another horror disease that will kill our families, friends, and neighbours. It’s easy for the media corporations and medical industry to frighten us with rumours of another epidemic, even if they have to create the epidemic.

What about the possibility of real killer plagues in the future? Diseases for which the medical industry doesn’t have a cure already waiting, and which no current pharmaceutical product has a chance of stopping? Something that the wealthiest of the wealthy, the government leadership, ruling class, haven’t got their own previously prepared vaccine for… Something that would scare the pants off them just as much as they keep trying to scare the pants off the rest of us with their media campaigns and over-hyped diseases made in a lab (recall the scandal in Europe when Baxter International Inc sent LIVE avian flu virus to 18 Countries by “accident”) .

Here’s some possibilities for a real killer plague to be properly scared about, but we can prepare these for now if we stay alert. I’m convinced that these are very likely to occur, particularly John Croino’s predictions. He’s far too accurate for mere luck and guesswork. I’m putting only excerpts as the full prophecies would take up too much space.

Killer plague borne by very small insect (mites?)
Estimated mid-2010 start(?), re-occurring outbreaks for many years afterward as this plague is very difficult to eradicate.

– John Croino

Vision was of a town in South-East Asia surrounded on most sides by jungle. Men arrive in YELLOW bio-contamination suits of very cheap design and minimal effectiveness (this places the location as Vietnam or China perhaps). The entire population of the town appears to be dead. This is a VERY DEADLY plague. Carrier is those same tiny insects which most human beings have, too small to be seen easily with the naked eye.
– John Croino

Jucelino predicts a whole wave of plagues in 2011 to 2013, and John Croino predicts the same for the years of 2011 to 2025.

Jucelino Da Ruz, born in 1960, is a Brazilian who has made many predictions, and MOST have come to pass, including Princess Diana’s death by car accident (which is instigated by someone near her and will probably unfortunately be written off as a car accident), 9/11 and the 2004 Indonesian tsunami.

John Croino is often described as an elusive and secretive prophet, his age is unknown, but almost all of his predictions up until now have been terrifyingly accurate in their details, although sometimes off by a few months or a year on the dates. He predicted 9/11 and missed the date by only one day.

– Tuxedo Penguin

3 Responses to Killer plagues and I’m more than a little worried

  1. invoker12 says:

    The H1N1… Coronavirus… Aids… etc it’s all bullshit.. all governments collude and deceive the gullible masses

  2. invoker12 says:

    The true world population is between 10 and 120 million people… look into it… Depopulation and underpopulation is the reality not overpopulation… and it’s already happening

  3. invoker12 says:

    I’m a little sleepy so I wrote how instead of who but if you can think of a new name for a fake virus and some details on it I can maybe get it done 2022-2025

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